Power Packed Lunch

When was the last time you had lunch and you felt like a million bucks afterward?  Most times we are shoving in carbs, drinking a cup of coffee loaded with sugar and cream, maybe a candy bar from the vending machine.  The side effects of eating like that kicks our thyroid out of wake, we are tired, moody, most times we are looking for a nap and you can watch the weight creep on.

This beautiful Nori wrap is a life saver, really it is,  it boosts your immunity, balances blood sugars, heart health, loaded with protein, has tons of minerals and vitamins A,B,C & K , reduces your blood pressure, digestion, anti-inflammatory, calcium, magnesium, bone health, improves your memory, Cancer fighting, Immunity,prevents degenerative disease, youthful skin, eyes, weight loss, Thyroid health  and my favorite Boosts those feel good chemicals in your brain!!  Yay an instant happy pill in real food form.  I can tell you that my family loves that part.

This Nori Roll not only looks beautiful when prepared with all those colors and flavors it makes us look beautiful inside out.   Let me give you the recipe so you too can enjoy this dish.

1 sheet of Nori

1/4 cup of Hummus ( I use olive oil and fresh Italian herb you can use your favorite)

Carrot sticks

Red Pepper sticks

Celery Sticks

Cucumber Sticks


Spread the Hummus on the Nori sheet, layer the veggies as you like roll it up.  I add some hot sauce to mine, you can add quinoa, olives, roasted peppers the sky is the limit.  If you don’t like the Seaweed you can use your favorite Gluten free wrap.

FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender

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Planning Meals Ahead Saves on Time and Saves on Budget


The way prices are going up these days clients often ask how to get more out of what they buy at the grocery store. I always reply plan ahead, make a menu and then build your grocery list from there.
How do you plan a menu? I always start with my protein and build from there, so I will decide on one or two proteins for the week buy extra or a bigger roast and go from there. Add two sides. In our home we always have two veggies or one veggie and a high fiber low carb starch i.e.; black or wild rice, quinoa and or a baked sweet potato or regular potato.
When I say buy extra, I mean if you are planning on having chicken breast buy and extra pack or a family pack, this way what you have left over from one meal will give you…

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Own Your Look, Style and Body  (A few Steps to Your Perfect)

Living in a world of the skinny’s can really wreak havoc on one’s own confidence when a special event is coming up and you need to find that perfect dress or outfit.  Spring and summer are around the corner, what normally comes with the warmer weather vacations, weddings, and family and class reunions.  How do you feel??   Are you happy with your look, size?  OMG did you just look in the mirror and check  for those dreaded crow’s feet  or those extra pounds you have put on? Even though your friends say you look wonderful you see the skin sagging on your arms and or legs?  We Are Our Own Worst Critic’s when it comes to our body. We really need to put a stop to it and Love us for who we are, I am not saying don’t lose weight or don’t exercise what I am saying is BE HEALTHY!!

What is healthy?   Healthy is when your mind and body are in sync and are working at their best, we fall into good blood pressure, our cholesterol is good, sugar levels are within the normal range and we move. We have peace within.

Whether you are the Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaid or Seeing old friends or family you haven’t seen in years.  Don’t let them see you sweat!!!  Walk with confidence and dress for your look.  Let’s face it we are not 20 any longer (well most of us reading this aren’t) we are seasoned, we have to own it!  We have had children, life’s ups and downs.   Ladies I know all about this, let me share a little story with you, I will make it quick, It was my 20th high school reunion, I paid my admission to go had the dress all picked out, ok who am I kidding I had 3 dresses picked out, well one was for when I dropped those 10lbs, one if I was a little bloated no one would notice and one I really had no business wearing, I just didn’t want to look OLD.  LOL Who can relate with me?  Long story short I didn’t go. I drove half way down to the event and turned around and went home crying my eyes out. My friend who was going to go with me backed out, I wasn’t in a good place in my marriage at that time, I didn’t have a spouse going. What do I say? What will they think? OOOMMMGGGG I Can’t Do This.  I didn’t…….. Ugh what the heck, my confidence was shot. I was so worried about what others were going to think I forgot that none of that mattered.  I put so much stress on the outside I forgot me!!  (Gray hair, wrinkles, etc.) If you are feeling anything like I did, I have a few tools for you to keep in your arsenal to help you Own Your Look, Style and Body.

Let’s put the hardest one to rest first; if you need to lose weight get on a program that works best for you. Have a great support system behind you (coach, spouse, and friend) set SMART goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Bound goals don’t start 2 weeks before the event the stress will beat you up.

A couple quick fixes for your beautiful eyes, eliminate puffiness and or dark circles?  The night before the event make a cup of green tea, refrigerate the tea bags over night, place them on your eyes the next morning lay and rest quietly and breathe. This is your time to regroup relax and just be.  If you meditate do it, if you are the praying type then pray this is your time. Focus on the fun you are going to have, the good things that have happened in your life. When we focus on the good it doesn’t leave room for the negative. Keep your eye cream in the fridge, put it on cold it also helps reduce puffiness, tightens and brightens your eyes.

Let’s put that bright youthful look back in your skin face and body…. Make your skin a Cup of Joe mix coffee grinds, powdered milk and sugar in the raw with your face wash/body wash the milk with tighten and firms, nourishes and softens skin. The caffeine reduces inflammation, stimulates circulation (later Cellulite) the sugar exfoliates, and its natural alpha hydroxy acids eliminates blemishes and restores balance.

Take Biotin supplements great for skin hair and nails

Prevent Bloat – stay away from high sodium foods, dairy, carbonated drinks and carbs a few days before the event.  That means no take out, prepare your own meals so you know what you are eating.  Leafy greens, cucumbers, coconut water (unsweetened) is the fountain of youth from the inside out!

Drink Lemon water first thing in the morning and several times a day to flush out your system and aides in digestion.   I generally make a fresh brewed green tea with lemon and ginger and drink that throughout the day

Save that glass of wine for the event not before, you can become dehydrated, dries out the skin, and causes inflammation.

Now that we have taken care of the outside, the main focus is on the inside how you feel about you, how you own who you are and your age.  We are all created uniquely beautiful, just because the magazines say we are to look this way or that, it is not the way our creator created us.  So love your flaws inside and out.  They have made you who you are.  Age is only a number.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re beautiful and that your style, look and body are yours and yours alone.  Those that find fault in you have their own issues with themselves.  Be the best you, walk with your shoulders back, head held high and smile. Because you are Uniquely Beautiful a beauty all of your own.

Here is another great article to follow up with if you are frightened of going to the at event and staying on your healthy program!!    http://www.fittingfitnessin.com/?p=1658

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Believe in Yourself!


Believe in Yourself!

When we are working on meeting health goals, whether it is to lose 15 lbs or 100 lbs, lower your blood pressure keep diabetes at bay we have to believe in ourselves. You have to believe you can do it, you can make those decisions to change your eating patterns or make the choice not to eat the high fat, high sodium sugar laden foods, your bodies deserve it, we only get one and we need to make the conscience efforts to take care of it. That means LOVE yourself enough to make the right health decisions.

See most of us our own worst enemy, we self sabotage ourselves when we are on our journey to reach health. I know I have done it myself numerous times, ohh I can have just on cookie or chip because I have been so good and what happens I eat 2 or 3 cookies or…

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Ready Set Go! 6 Steps in Reaching Your Health Goals


Are you ready to become the best you? Do you have some health goals you want to reach?   I have six steps that I  follow to reach my health goals.  Are you ready to join me?  I will be right here for you; If you have menu planning questions, or dietary restrictions and need help with what you can eat and how to prepare the meals ask away that is what we are here for.

Step 1 ~ Set Goals ~  this is BIG we all set goals for the New Year and by the 3rd or 4th day we are done with it because it was WAY to Overwhelming,  so set 30 day Goals if that is too far out how about 2 week goals.  What works for you is what is going to keep you on track.  I get myself a calender and fill in my goals for the…

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Does your skin have the winter blues? Nothing a cup of Joe can’t fix!

Coffee isn’t just for breakfast any more!!  Need a quick pick me up?  A little pep in you skin treatment?    Coffee in the morning just isn’t to wake you up, it is to wake up that beautiful face of yours!!   Want that young radiant skin again?  You can have it all at  the cost of .5 cents a week and it can do what most pay hundreds for. Are you ready for my secret to young radiant skin?    First things is Do Not Throw Away your used coffee grounds,  grab a tablespoon of Raw Sugar and a couple of teaspoons of powdered milk, add in a All natural face wash ( I use Ava Anderson Non Toxic Face Wash) It should look a little like this, get-attachment (1) Doesn’t look like your normal Cup of Joe but it really wallops a punch for your skin.  Did you know that Cleopatra used milk to keep her skin radiant?  A few other benefits of milk powder is it shrinks pores, prevents premature aging, removes pigment changes, reduces irritation/skin reactions, nourishes and softens skin. Now let’s talk about the sweet stuff, I don’t normally take sugar in my coffee but in this instance it works wonders.  Many years ago sugar was known as “white Gold”  because it was rare and expensive, today the products we purchase for our skin can also be very expensive because of an ingredient most company’s talk a lot about is alpha hydroxy acid, have you heard of it?  I’m sure you have.  Raw sugar (I don’t recommend the white stuff you find on every coffee counter in America the raw stuff is better it is  a natural form of alpha hydroxy acid called glycolic acid.  What does this do for your skin??  It  helps eliminate blemishes, restores balance in the skins oil’s, it  conditions the skin, protects it from toxins and it naturally exfoliates the dead cells off to leave you with radiant skin. Last but not least is my favorite I love everything about coffee the beautiful aroma when you open that bag, the smell of it brewing, that delicious taste of a fresh brewed cup in the morning in that quiet time or hanging our with my girls.  I also love that punch your skin gets from the  caffeine it reduces redness and inflammation in the skin, reduces the puffiness and dark circles under your eyes ( I have to say I love this part)  and it creates an evenly toned skin. OMG  I cannot believe I am going to do this, never in a million years would I have thought I would be putting a photo up of me with Coffee on my face, well here it goes.  This is me no make up feeling good at 44 yrs old!! get-attachment (3) Here is what you do, mix together your used coffee grounds, powdered milk, sugar and your Natural face wash make a nice paste gently scrub your face ( it will make a mess I suggest you lean over the sink when you apply this)  once your face is covered let it stand for 5 to 10 minutes and you will feel your skin tighten up. Rinse with luke warm water pat dry, use a natural moisturizer and get ready for your friends and co works to say gosh you look great what did you do different?   Are you ready for the complements!!  Go get your coffee on!! If you would like to know more about the Ava Anderson Non Toxic line you can go to the shop tab at the top of my page.   Make it a great day friends!!

This can be an all over body scrub, the caffeine helps with cellulite, the sugar is a great exfoliator, tightens up the skin, and the milk nourishes and softens your skin.

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Don’t Leave Your House This Black Friday

This is the season where we forget about ourselves, shopping, baking, shopping, work, shopping, freaking out, shopping, holiday parties, does this sound familiar?  Then the First of the year arrives and NOW we want to take care of ourselves,  What if I told you, you can start now and be ahead of yourself on the New Year Resolution?   I have 9 out 10 spots available You are not going to want to miss it.

1525293_10203866721123343_8911221364119456324_n Fill out this information and let’s talk and see if it is a fit for you.  Oh did I mention   you will get a FREE HEALTH COACH don’t wait another minute!!  Fill out the form  www.culinaryfusion.tsfl.com/profile

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