Are You Afraid You Don’t Have What It Takes?

If you think you don’t have what it takes to overhaul your health, you’re wrong! To help you take that first step, check out a couple of my friends Michael and Amy they have both lost over 100 lbs each, this is also the program that I lost 50 lbs (that is me on the right)

I urge all of you to SHARE this with someone you love who needs some inspiration. It just might be the nudge they need!


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7 Action Steps We Can Take to Increase our Metabolism

We all want to know the extra little actions we can do daily to increase our metabolism while we lose weight and also once e are in maintenance.

1. I always eat breakfast. Eating breakfast jump-starts your metabolism and eating every three hours thereafter keeps high energy all day.  Women who skip the meal are 41/2 times more likely to be obese.

2. I make sure I get my daily dose of fiber.  Research has shown that some fiber can increase your fat burning as by as much as 30 % . Aim for 25 grams daily.  TSFL program easily fills their requirement.

3. Make your water Cold. Researchers have found that drinking 6 cups of cold water/day can raise your resting metabolism to burn 50 extra calories.

4.  Always include Protein. Your body needs protein to maintain its’ lean muscle mass. Add protein to every meal.  TSFL makes this one easy.

5. Skip the Cocktails. When you drink alcohol, you  burn less fat and will probably kick yourself out the fat burning stage. The alcohol you consume will be used as an energy source instead of the fat. Having two martinis can reduce your body’s fat- burning ability by up to 73%

6. Take your Calcium. Studies have shown that women short in calcium may slow their metabolism.

7. Exercise!!! Taking part in both aerobic and weight training will significantly increase metabolism and build muscle which will be and important part of your maintaining your new healthy weight

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Big Losers Win New Lives!

There really is no excuse for not taking control of your life and being healthy. Don’t be one of those people that constantly says “I’ll start tomorrow.” Today is the day to make the decision to live the life you imagine! Excuses add up to pounds gained.
– Dr. A

“Big Losers Win New Lives!”

my amazing friend Michael Vecchio will be sharing his journey!!!- Hear inspiring stories from those who lost well over 100 pounds and created transformed lives, in so many ways!”

Folks you are NOT going to want to Miss this call

 HABITS OF HEALTH CALL this Wed, October 22nd. and

Wednesday at 8:00 PM EST 5:00 PM PST

Habits of Health Support Call-In Phone #: (512) 225-9427
Conference Call-In Code (Pin): 77421#


For More Information

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Tips For Surviving the Holidays (Coming up Quickly)

Tip of the Day from our Thin IT TO WIN IT Health Challenge

Tips for Surviving the Holidays (Coming Up Quickly)
Here are some good tips for Surviving the Holidays…
Remember, that you have worked hard, whether it has been all year long, just a few months or maybe you just made the commitment for optimal health. You want to be able to survive the next 2 months’ social engagements and gift giving season (no matter what you celebrate) to help you keep moving towards your weight loss goals.
This is a great time of the year, it is important to focus on the reason for gathering, and that is to spend time with loved ones, family and friends. Many social gatherings are centered around food. This can be frustrating, scary and extremely tempting when attending a party or celebration.
Here are a few tips you can use when you are attending parties and giving gifts:
• Don’t go hungry-try eating a Medifast meal or part of your Lean and Green prior to arriving at the party. This will help curb your appetite.
• If you are invited to a party, which happens to be a potluck, this is a great opportunity to bring a healthy meal, that also fits with the TSFL program
• When you arrive at the party-and you want to partake or try food, use the smallest plate with healthy choices.
• Be mindful of your Healthy Choices, fresh vegetables, lean proteins and salad.
• Limit or skip foods that are high in calories and low in nutritional value.
• What happens when you are the host/hostess?? There are many tempting opportunities to “graze” when packing up leftovers. Divide left over’s into Lean & Green meals. Allow someone else to pack up the left over’s and you offer to wash the dishes.
• Develop a Plan of Action for Surviving an Event: Identify your personal barriers and strategy, write it down.
• Take time for yourself!! This is a very busy time to the year for people, take time to exercise and keep your body moving. Just taking a walk can give you that alone time you need to get your body moving and regroup.
• In advance ask your family and friends to forgo food gifts. Examples: wine, cheese, candies. You may say this year, let’s get together and start focusing on that instead of the food we eat.
When going to the Mall:
• Dress Comfortably
• Remember your Medifast…bring some Medifast meals
• Don’t go hungry
• Stay Hydrated! Bring a bottled water
• Pack some Pep with the Calorie Burn Infusers and/or Antioxidant Infusers
• Bring along sugar-free chewing gum, cut up celery sticks or another Medifast snack option.
• Keep your mouth busy and chew away frustration without hindering your weight loss efforts.
• Wear a pedometer and keep track of your steps
• Exercise while waiting in line. Ex: Calf raises (I’d love to know those of you that take me up on this:)
Mall food courts can have healthy options, but the question is… WHAT food should you choose?
• Go Green (as in Lean and Green): Follow the parameters of the Lean and Green meal as closely as possible by focusing on grilled, broiled, baked or steamed protein and non-starchy vegetables. Condiments: Choose lower calorie options such as: Yellow mustard (1 tablespoon or 3 packets = 1 condiment option and) contains just 9 calories and 1 gram carbohydrate. Avoid those that are piled high with high fat meats and cheeses or that have a lot of extras such as croutons, crispy noodles, and/or high calorie dressings.
• Drink plenty of water as well as other zero-calorie beverages (such as diet soda, or unsweetened iced tea).
• Just say “no thank you”. Avoid the food court.
Remember, that weight loss is a journey. If you slip up with an occasional treat, this will not ruin your chances of long term weight-management success. Keep a positive attitude, this goes a long way. Develop a plan, write down your feelings, goals and your barriers. Read it from time to time. This may be just what you need to get you through the season

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Hilary’s Journey to Health tonight at 9 pm Est

Setting health goals is an amazing thing, reaching them calls for celebration.  Please join us tonight at 9 pm est as Hilary shares her amazing story of achievement. She has lost 53 lbs since April and better yet has changed forever. Dial in to 857-232-0476 conf code 353652.  This call will be a very  inspirational call on how Hilary not only transformed physically but emotionally  and spiritually.   Her great days, not so great her employment promotions and her life promotions.  Please join us and if you know of anyone who may be on the fence as to whether they are going to take that leap of faith, start their journey to health please share this so they can join in tonight too.  look forward to seeing you on the call.


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Accelerated Weight Loss Not a diet but a Health Program Are you Ready?

This may be the most awesome things I’ve stumbled upon to help my clients lose weight faster.

Let me explain…

I’ve been using this health program that balances my clients,blood sugar and reduce craving but help you to burn calories by eating all day!

Sounds crazy, right?

The weight loss happens quickly and all you have to do is eat and drink plenty of water.

I won’t bore you with the details of the science behind it “, but what I can

tell you is that if you eat small  healthy meals all day you can expect to elevate your metabolism and burn more calories then you would with your current or traditional diet.

Pretty sweet!

Now, just the “this fat burning plan” fact is amazing in itself because it’s almost like getting the extra calorie burn from eating all day.

B-U-T I figured out a way where I can get my clients even FASTER results… and it has

NOTHING to do with science.

Say what?!

Yep, this other way of burning more fat has nothing to do with nutrition science at all.

It’s actually all about human psychology…

See, what I figured out was when I see my clients in a group setting they actually stick to their plans better and get better results. (Human nature is to compete I guess?)

So this is why I put together this private  internet group where I can help my clients in a group setting, where I can give all the support  needed; then you’d really see amazing results!

Makes sense, right?

My amazing “Fat burning Health Program” providing nutritional meals and accelerated fat loss = massive fat loss, belly flattening, sexy arms, legs, butt and finally a healthier and happier YOU.

PS Check out Amy’s results tsfl

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Parents do you live with a picky eater, do you dread meal time?

kids-and-vegetablesIs dinner a nightmare?  Are you dealing with a picky eater?  Do you dread meal time?

I am often asked by many frustrated Moms, “How do I get my little one to eat what the rest of the family is eating?” I ask my normal Mommy question, did they try the meal and not like it? Most times the answer is “No they just don’t want it so I make them something else and my husband and I eat the planned meal.”

I find so many families are making several different meals every night not only does this make a long day even longer but it causes cranky times at the dinner table when it should be family time.

How do we get everyone to eat the same meal? I always suggest menu planning I would give each child their day to choose a side dish so they have some input, they  know when it’s their day it  makes them excited for dinner time. But and I mean But they have to try or eat the other things on their plate. I don’t say they have to finish everything on their plate  they do have to at least try them. Mom you cannot budge on this; once you fall back and make them what they want the next day is going to be even harder.

Another way is to have them help you prepare the meal, I know working all day and then having to cook with your little one can be tough. I can relate I am a mom of two boys and yes I had one picky eater and one who ate everything. I cook all day for my clients and the last thing I would want to do is come home and cook with my children. I love them to bits but I was tired and the quicker I was able to make the meal get it on the table and clean up was what I was looking for. So I designated one Saturday a month where they got to help me cook. They helped through the whole process from menu planning, shopping and preparing the meals.

Age appropriate tasks of course I normally go by the following rules 7 and under I would put the ingredients in small prep bowls and they would add it in when the recipe called for it. I would also let them mix with my help.

7 yrs to 10 yrs they can peel potatoes and carrots, use measuring spoons and cups, read the recipe this helps with math skills and direction following. If making meatballs or meatloaf I would let them get in there with their hands and mix it up. Kids love hands on tasks and it makes them feel good about themselves when they are the big helpers. 10 and up you can start introducing knife skills.

After the meal was prepared I ask them to help with table setting some days we would eat by candle light, picnics on the living room floor, they would do silly napkin art, they loved serving their dad his dinner when he came home from work. They would make him close his eyes at the door, as they would guide him to his seat. Little things like this makes them feel excited about sitting down and eating what they have prepared or contributed in, be it planning or actually cooking with you. What is better then sharing time in the kitchen and bonding with your kids? I know my picky eater isn’t picky any longer.

Now get out there and enjoy dinner time again, watch your children grow into happy little eaters!!

Join my email list to receive Free kid friendly healthy meal plans,  tips and tricks to get the junk food out of the pantry.

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