Work With Me

Speaking Events-  As a Professional Health and Wellness Coach, Health Chef/Nutrition Practioner, Marina is dedicated to help educate and inspire individuals to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Marina’s goal is to help as many people as she can no matter their health challenges  be it diabetes, heart, Auto-Immune Disease, weight loss that there is a way to live a healthy and happy life through nutrition and change in eating plan. Marina calls it eating for your disease. Marina has made an impact by working and speaking at events such as, Better U  American Heart Association 2 yrs, she has been published in Martha Stewart Living, More Magazine, Yahoo Shine, Living and Being Magazine and local Chiropractor offices. Marina has also filmed a Pilot for a Gluten Free Cooking Show.

Marina has achieved much success and awards in her field of expertise, gluten free, dietary needs, weight loss living and eating for and auto – immune disease. Marina’s passion is to share what she has learned through her life challenges, Nutritionists and other Wellness Practitioners.  Marina  has very strong people skills, she is very caring and kind.

Marina will discuss strategies on meal planning, staying focused on meeting health goals, reducing inflammation, weight loss.  She explains how adapting the Habits of Health is the answer to living a life of health and happiness.  Marina loves to share all she knows with individuals who are ready to dig in and take the leap of faith and join hands with her to make the changes needed to take their health to the next level. She prides herself in making a positive impact on the lives of others.

To have Marina speak at your next event call 845-240-5500


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