1098331_10201968025185910_180738502_nHey there, I am Marina Crispi Professional Health and Wellness Coach, Health Chef/Nutrition Practitioner.   I once struggled with my health, living with and Auto-immune disease and being over weight.  I wasn’t always over weight I always took care of myself exercised then it happened 14 years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was on several medications to ease the inflammation one steriod after the next. The medications made me feel worse than the disease, I didn’t want to get our of bed in the morning, I was raising two little boys who needed me, I was gaining weight like not tomorrow. My joints hurt already then packing on the weight made them feel worse. I felt horrible about myself because I was always fit and took care of myself and I couldn’t do that anymore. I always worried about my health because, I come from a family of Obese people, my father had Bariatric  Surgery 30 years ago,  my sister had the Gastric by-Pass 8 years ago and they still struggle with their weight, it didn’t fix their relationship with food it just made it easier for them to eat less and lose weight.  See we have diabetes and heart disease in our  family and  if I didn’t make a change and get my health in check, I would be walking down the same path as my family members.  I needed to find health in my life not only lose weight I had to find a way to rid my self of the pain of living with an Auto- Immune Disease, these results had to be quick and as simple as possible because I don’t have much time, I am a busy mom of two boys.  I educated myself on how to live for my disease and lose weight doing it, now getting my inflammation in check was far more important at that time then losing the weight that would come, I went to culinary school to learn to cook for my disease got certified as a Health Chef, then off to become a Professional Health and Wellness Coach, my dream was to Help others as I have helped myself get my Auto – Immune Disease in check as well as my weight.  It was no longer about me it was now about my clients getting the healthy and watching take their health back.  Currently I am 8 years with no medication,  (not that I think that everyone should stop their medication but less is better than more) and I want to show you how I have done it.  I want you to feel how I feel and more.  See God has given me this opportunity to share my knowledge with you to help and guide to health and vitality again,  this will allow you to do the things you have dreamed of doing, go hiking with you family, ride bikes, dance, attend functions that you would usually back out of because one you didn’t feel well, everything hurts or you feel ugly,  I know I have been there.  I stayed home from a lot of events because “I didn’t feel good”  and to be totally honest you don’t feel well you feel like Crap!!  

So let me ask you this  have you ever said these words to yourself? ( or out loud a million times to whoever would listen to you? I did)

. I’m so tired

. I don’t want to get our of bed

. I’m so fat

. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired

. I’m always in pain

If you have tried to get your health in check, but you feel stuck and don’t know where to start,you are overwhelmed, frustrated, and  about ready to throw in the towel?

You are in the right place.

Here is how I can help you meet your health goals, quick and easy just as I have.

Do you want to know my secret?

I believe we reach our health goals when we switch our mindset from “Not Feeling Well” to “Feeling Great” we take ourselves  out of  “Misery ” and Awaken our “Happy Self”

Do you already feel as if you tried everything and it hasn’t worked?

To lose weight or to reduce your inflammation you need a program that is going to work for you so you don’t have to work too hard at it that it  becomes a job.

I can see the eyes rolling saying ” I have heard it all before, nothing works”

How do you find the time to eat healthy, exercise, raise a family and work 40/50+ hours per week?

I am going to help you feel better and get you back on track to that vibrant happy self that you used to be.

If you are ready to do this and work with me on relieving the pain of living with an Auto – Immune Disease and to lose the extra weight you have been carrying around the Steps I used to release 50 lbs and keep it off and relieve the pain that I have been living with for years.


The best part? You get to work with Me one on one, you will learn strategies tips and health secrets, I have personally used to over come my own struggles with weight and living with and Auto – immune disease.

NO B.S here

Do you want a Coach who has walked the walk who can guide and support you back to health.  Please fill out the form below and lets get you started.  I am looking forward to working with you.


Marina is great! I highly recommend her! I have food sensitivities and she was able to create a program in which I can eat healthy without compromising my health. She is creative and knowledgeable. Marina is very supportive and has great follow through.

Hilary B.


Marina worked along side my wife who was in advanced stages of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Marina was able to substitute my wife’s feeding formula to her own balanced juices which gave my wife everything she needed nutrition wise, and more. During this time my wife was gaining weight along with significant changes to her complextion for the better. My wife stated that she was feeling so much better under Marina’s regime. During the entire time I was able to reach out to Marina at anytime with any questions, concerns or suggestions. Marina was so caring and attentive to my wife along with a very professional approach. Marina was extremely knowledgeable and was always looking at ways to improve. Marina never gives up, she is a great person to have in your corner!

Michael C.

Marina helped me with self esteem weight loss ~ Which all lead to a healthier happier and New career for me~ My life has changed for the betterment of Me ~ Marina is my angel with so much talent and couching skills that make you want to work hard and improve you all around well being~

Laurie C.



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