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Health and Wellness Coaching 

Having a Free Health Consultation with qualified Health and Wellness Coach Marina, is a wonderful opportunity to learn what you need to know to meet your health goals. Marina will advise and guide you in the steps you need to reach optimal health.  A personal health consultation is a great way to discuss what would be the best avenue for you to take to meet your health needs.

Marina Specializes in weight loss, nutrition, gluten free, dietary needs as well as auto-immune diseases. Achieving a balance between mind, body and spirit, it is crucial to have the support and guidance of a well trained, caring and passionate Health Coach that not only used these techniques and strategies herself she has guided and coached many others to do the same.

During your Health Consultation you will do a quick Health Assessment, identify your goals, needs and strategies that will help you reach your goals quick and easy.

Marina teaches individuals by using her own life experiences, and the Habits of Health to achieve ultimate success.  Marina believes that it is possible for all to reach their goals, in health each person works differently and Marina meets all the their needs in a kind and understanding manner.

Find out how you can work one on one with Marina a qualified Professional Health and Wellness Coach to help you take your health to the next level.

contact Marina for your free consultation~


Marina is great! I highly recommend her! I have food sensitivities and she was able to create a program in which I can eat healthy without compromising my health. She is creative and knowledgeable. Marina is very supportive and has great follow through.

Hilary B.


Marina worked along side my wife who was in advanced stages of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Marina was able to substitute my wife’s feeding formula to her own balanced juices which gave my wife everything she needed nutrition wise, and more. During this time my wife was gaining weight along with significant changes to her complextion for the better. My wife stated that she was feeling so much better under Marina’s regime. During the entire time I was able to reach out to Marina at anytime with any questions, concerns or suggestions. Marina was so caring and attentive to my wife along with a very professional approach. Marina was extremely knowledgeable and was always looking at ways to improve. Marina never gives up, she is a great person to have in your corner!

Michael C.

Marina helped me with self esteem weight loss ~ Which all lead to a healthier happier and New career for me~ My life has changed for the betterment of Me ~ Marina is my angel with so much talent and couching skills that make you want to work hard and improve you all around well being~

Laurie C.


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