Do You feel like you are being pulled in a Million directions?

iStock_000001235476Medium-300x300Is this how you feel??  I know I did!!

I was just sitting back thinking about those days where I didn’t even know what color I liked, what was my favorite food,  ha I didn’t even know my own name.  Was it Mom, daughter, wife, sister, friend, Chef?????   I couldn’t keep up anymore let alone take care of myself…… What go to the gym??????  Yeah right;  When? When I’m supposed to be sleeping, ( they do have those gyms out there that are open 24 hrs)  Sleep what’s that, I am supposed to get 7-9 hrs per night.  That’s a joke.

How many of you out there have felt like that or feel like that now?   I know you are out there and you know what it’s alright life pulls us in so many different directions, we make it work;  everyone is where they’re supposed to be healthy and safe even fed a quick sandwich or drive thru to grab something quick. Homework’s  done, soccer, football practice it’s LIFE.

I remember the days that I was running all day that when I did sit down to eat my eyes were closing, yes while I was eating.  I felt like Shit really I did, my joints always hurt I couldn’t get my rheumatoid arthritis  under control, I was packing on the pounds and I just couldn’t keep up with my kids anymore.  Oh did I mention I was working as a Private Chef at the time in NYC with a commute of  2 hours each way.  YIKES  is all I can say, well I could say something else but I am trying to keep it clean. LOL   It Sucked!!!

Don’t worry there is a happy ending to this and yes it gets better…..  When you ask? When you get to the point where you have to do for you first, where your doctor tells you that you have to lose weight or your blood pressure is too high. You might be saying, I’m a Mom my kids need me, yep they do But they need you healthy,  I’m a Wife and my husband needs me,  yes he does, but when you are so frazzled and you don’t know whether you are coming or going he’s afraid of you. Really he is. I know mine was LOL   my job, my house, my Mom they all need me,  they do but if you don’t get proper sleep and eat healthy you cannot perform at work like you should without hitting the coffee pot several times per day or the vending machine for something sweet.  You need YOU more than anyone, and it is ok to take care of you.  If you don’t take care of you, you can’t be there for everyone else.  You just can’t.   I know I have been there, I felt guilty because I was going to the gym again, ( my son needs sneakers)  I beat myself up when I was turning the TV off at 10:30 and went to bed and left that load of laundry in the dryer for the morning. Quick tip; run it while you are making the kids lunches by the time you finish the wrinkles are gone.  LOL I always made excuses as to why I couldn’t get the weight off, when I had that “Come to Jesus Talk ” with myself  and I needed to give myself permission to take care of me again.  And a brand new me was born. You can have it too, I can show you how I did it. Remember a happy Mom makes happy kids, happy wife makes a happy husband or a very happy husband wink wink.  Are you getting this picture when you are happy everyone is happy.  I want you to fully understand all the things you do for everyone is ok and it’s what we do but after we do for us.  I am sure some of you are saying “she is talking about me” or “yep that’s me”  and I am going to say you are not alone!!

I really want you to have all of it, self confidence, health, wear that little black dress  Ladies….. when was the last time you put one of those on and felt So Sexy the whole room turned their head to watch you walk in?  Can you see it???  Remember how Damn good that felt?  I will share with you how I did it and how I have helped so many others just like you.  Just a few easy steps, and very little thought I ate 6 times a day, I drank plenty of water  I get plenty of sleep and I have so much energy my family is now telling me they can’t keep up with me.  Are you ready? Do you want a Free Personal Health Consultation with me this week?  Fill out the form below so we can get started.

PS  Here is a few words from a couple of my clients;

Marina helped me with self esteem weight loss ~ Which all lead to a healthier happier and New career for me~ My life has changed for the betterment of Me ~ Marina is my angel with so much talent and couching skills that make you want to work hard and improve you all around well being~

Laurie C.   FL

Marina is great! I highly recommend her! I have food sensitivities and she was able to create a program in which I can eat healthy without compromising my health. She is creative and knowledgeable. Marina is very supportive and has great follow through.

Hilary B.  WA

About culinaryfusion

Certified Health Coach, Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner a real Foodie at heart, Menu planners, Kitchen Counselor, Gluten Free,Bringing families back to the kitchen table one recipe at a time. Health Coach guiding clients with a gentle hand to reach optimum health, fast safe and simple.
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