Sleep Nature’s Nurse

Let’s talk about sleep…. How are you sleeping? Do you struggle with it?  Lack of quality sleep affects the secretion of leptin, ghrelin and cortisol, the hormones that regulate our weight. The levels will increase when we get the proper sleep in which we are not as hungry. With poor sleep these levels go down and we eat more do to increase in appetite. It makes us crave those sugary  carb filled breakfast with a large cup of coffee.  If we live the cycle of Poor sleep, Inactive, Poor Diet we tend to be overweight.  Did you know that women need 20 mins more sleep per night then men….

Studies show that people without enough high- quality sleep, our health and lives unravel. Poor sleep rivals poor diet and inactivity as a reason that 90% of us live in a state of being non-sick or have already slid onto the path to disease. – Dr Wayne Anderson

Poor sleep also aids in mood swings; have trouble focusing, anxiety and depression.  Building a Structural tension chart to create better sleep can make a world a difference in your life relationships and productivity through out your day.

Here is  a post from a Client of my Associate Donna Smaldone: Menopausal Ladies please read!! Heather Monroe; after some wayward holidays I can report since getting back on plan, once again my night sweats and insomnia are just about gone. For women in menopause I can tell you what you put into your body via unhealthy carbs Does affect your menopause symptoms. Just sayin! It’s great to sleep all night again! If you are looking for help with better sleep let’s talk.



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  1. I love my sleep! I get lots of it and yes, it effects so many things thst may not be aware of so get to bed early.

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