Please Don’t Throw My Jeans in the Dryer!!

Come on we have all been there a time or two, you can admit it, I am right here in front of all of you!!   We have all had those mornings when you are running late and you go to grab your jeans and you realize that either you packed on a ton of weight or someone  did the most un-thinkable  they threw your jeans in the dryer.  So we do the dance to get them up, we wiggle, stretch and maybe a jump or two. Yep you know what I am talking about..  I can by the power of internet can hear you laughing in agreement right along with me.   Why don’t we buy the next size?  What is the deal do we really like to wake up to the horror if we will be wearing those jeans today?   Oh I know we are going to loose the weight and it won’t be a problem any longer.   Well I just raised my hand to that!  I have said that a million and one times.
It’s no surprise that I am a Chef and yes one of my full time jobs is to research the new and up coming diet for a client of mine, and yes I did/do the Paleo diet recently  and it did serve me well.  Don’t they all?  When we stick to them… So in the process of all of this Paleo being a Chef working with my clients I decided to do an online course to become a Health and Wellness Coach.  Yes my whole purpose is to help my clients reach optimum health so now I am working 1o hour days, on teaching days it would be 17 hour days, studying and having a family to take care of;  what happened next? I put myself on the back burner and started putting weight back on.  Though I was excited to know that January 1st was going to be here soon and what does January 1st mean?  New Years Resolutions!!  Yep come on we all make and break’em!!!!  No not this year not this time we all say it!!
 So let’s back up just a bit,  by the Power of Facebook I reconnected with a school friend; Carol she is a Certified Health Coach and her job is to get people to their optimum health.  Holy Cow!! What? Isn’t  that I am setting out to do?  So Carol and I  met for coffee to catch up of course and then we get talking about what she does for  work and what I do and in the process she tells me that she can help me reach my optimum health with a program that you eat 5 plus 1 meals a day;  you have to the ability to loose 2-5 lbs per week in the first couple of weeks then 1-2 lbs there after with minimal exercise!! Oh and the best part it meets my Gluten Free Needs!! What this can’t be true?!?!  I love to exercise but with my schedule I would have to exercise when I should be sleeping.  Not going to happen, I need all the beauty rest I can get.  I continued to asked her more about it long story short I started the program,  in the 17 days that I have been on the program I have noticed that I feel great, my joints don’t hurt from my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Guess what those Jeans I said don’t put in the dryer go ahead it’s ok because it’s not a problem any longer, (well not for that size anyway) they go right on. Not a shake not a shimmy no stretching them out just pull them on and zip them up.  So are you ready for the icing on the cake  I lost 13 lbs, until my next weigh in which is this Tuesday.   I have now joined Carol and her team to help America reach their optimum health.   Cut back on my work hours so I can focus on what I have always wanted to do, help people get healthy through what they eat; that means less medication from lowering your blood pressure, keeping  diabetes at bay, live longer healthier and happier lives oh yeah and loose weight.  So if you are ready to Stop yelling Don’t Throw My Jeans in the Dryer and are ready to reach the Healthier you, then comment on the bottom or email me and let’s do this together!!  Are you ready to make today your new January 1st?  If you are I will be with you all the way!!   So in all reality life isn’t just about us, it is about others so today in your daily schedule stop and do something for someone else, hold the door open, give them a smile or even a thank you have a great day when you leave a teller window or gas station those little things can make a world of difference in someones day.  So  Until Next time;  Make it a great day my friends!!

About culinaryfusion

Certified Health Coach, Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner a real Foodie at heart, Menu planners, Kitchen Counselor, Gluten Free,Bringing families back to the kitchen table one recipe at a time. Health Coach guiding clients with a gentle hand to reach optimum health, fast safe and simple.
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