Setting small goals to meet the Larger goals

I just recently met my 30 day goal on the Paleo diet, in which I am still on and will be from here on out. My next goal it to get in a few more workouts per week. I will alternate P90x and turbokick. I have so many events coming up my little brother has a Gala for being recognized for his leadership in the Youth Missions Organization. I am so proud of him. I will start marking out my workouts on the calendar on my cell so I won’t forget. LOL I will not hit ignore I promise.
As in any thing you do in life some times the baby steps get you closer to the end result be it a new eating regimen, fitness goal, or a work goal. I set goals of 30 days at a time, because it takes 23 to 28 days to change a habit. So I set every goal at 30 days it gives me a few mess up days. Yes we all have mess up days. LOL so why not give yourself those extra few days just in case. When I start the next goal I journal it, why because it keeps me focused. When you write about good things bad things goals what you ate in that day or how many squats you did that day; it releases it out in the universe so you feel more obligated to continue on the right path. If you are upset it releases those feels so you can rid yourself of those feelings so you can move on and find the happiness again. Right now being it is back to school every store is running sales on composition books go grab a couple and get righting, or go the extra mile step out of your comfort zone and blog about it. Your story may help someone out there going through the same thing, or trying to reach the same goal. Even if you touch one person you have done a lot. Get out there and share your story good bad or ugly, you won’t be just helping yourself you will be inspiring someone else. Until tomorrow my friends I am going to head up those stairs and rest my head work comes early tomorrow.. Happy Labor Day!! Stay focused, stay healthy and stay safe at all the bbq’s

About culinaryfusion

Certified Health Coach, Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner a real Foodie at heart, Menu planners, Kitchen Counselor, Gluten Free,Bringing families back to the kitchen table one recipe at a time. Health Coach guiding clients with a gentle hand to reach optimum health, fast safe and simple.
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