Paleo Day 25

Friday is here, I love it because I get to sit back and just be for awhile. I am listening to my oldest son’s band play some of their new music as they get ready to head back into the studio. I am loving their new stuff, it’s very different! Their music manager is so impressed by the level of music they are putting out on the second record. I am so proud of them. Tomorrow I will bake gluten free artisan breads with my son Mateo, he will be attending the Culinary Institute of America in November. Another Chef in the family, I love it ; he challenges me everyday. He had become very interested in Gluten free baking and creating meals that are clean. It makes my heart so happy.

What I am getting at here is our children are all unique, they all choose different paths traditional and non- traditional that doesn’t mean one is better then the other. I am constantly being asked how do you let Nick (my oldest) play in a band and work part time at almost 20 years old with no college no trade school…. my response is “so many of us live our lives day to day just doing our jobs and not loving what we do”. My son has played music since he 5 yrs old. He has been in bands since he was 13 playing all kinds of music. When discussing his future he said “Mom music is my life” I said “Then make it your life” he was 18 when he signed his first record deal and he is on his second album. He knows he has to eventually go to college, he has been accepted to Berkeley School of Music in NYC if he wanted to go he could start this semester. My point here is college is always available living your dream and following your heart makes one more productive because they are doing what they love to do it no longer feels like a job. I myself went back to school at 38 years old, I now do what I love. Being a Chef is hard work though I love it so much it isn’t a job…. even if I work 17 hrs a day ( I have done that many of times). It is  my passion it is my life. Do what you love and make it your passion not just a job.
Today’s I was able to maintain my planned menu for the day; breakfast was eggs and spinach, I used frozen spinach, you are probably wondering why frozen? I went to purchase fresh  it looked horrible, the bagged stuff was dark green and a bit on the slimy side. Yuck! When the fresh doesn’t look good I will purchase frozen; frozen is picked fresh then flash frozen for freshness. So when you can’t get fresh veggies that look and smell good go frozen never canned. Snack was some fresh figs, funny thing about figs I was offering a beautiful fresh fig to a friend and the response was” I only like fig newtons” LOL Fig Newtons? Are you kidding me? That isn’t even a fig it is more sugar then fruit. So she did try it and loved it. Try something new everyday. The photo on the header of this page is of my figs. Lunch was a salad with steak snack handful of mixed nuts no salt. Salted nuts have so much sodium that it causes water retention, most women have issues with that, if I eat a lot of salt my rings get tight I feel sluggish try not to eat added salt other than what you use in your cooking. Dinner was Chicken, onions, tomatoes baked in the oven. Yum! Lots of water, a glass of aloe and cherry juice.
In correlation to what I was talking about earlier about doing what you love to do. Take a look at this picture.  Too many of us are content with just “parking” ourselves somewhere slightly comfortable,  in a life that has little risk and marginal rewards, living it safe. the arrow going in a completely different direction if you are looking for a change. In fact, it says, CHANGE MACHINE. Do you know where to find one of those machines? I’ll tell you… look in the mirror. YOU are the machine needed to make changes. Don’t settle with being happy if you can be ecstatic, don’t be glad when you can be thrilled. Don’t be safe when there are so many wonderful opportunities out there for you to explore. (by Roger Love) So become the Change machine, be it with your food intake, your personal life, or your job. Until tomorrow my friends stay focused, stay healthy and stay in peace. Sleep tight

About culinaryfusion

Certified Health Coach, Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner a real Foodie at heart, Menu planners, Kitchen Counselor, Gluten Free,Bringing families back to the kitchen table one recipe at a time. Health Coach guiding clients with a gentle hand to reach optimum health, fast safe and simple.
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