Paleo Day 21

Sitting here on the porch writing and reflecting listening to the rain. I love to sit and listen to the sound of a steady rain. It is so calming and grounding, It puts me in a state of peace. Sometimes we just need that time to sit and reflect on what is going on in our lives; be it good or bad it gives you the time and space to rid yourself of the baggage that you are carrying to make space for gratitude and forgiveness. Tonight’s rain was a welcome surprise, considering the forecast called for a 30% chance of a shower and I’m Loving it!!
Today’s menu was eggs and summer squash, snack some peanut butter, lunch was late so I just had a handful of mixed nuts and dried fruit dinner was salmon with Asian salad with fresh peas tomatoes and romaine lettuce. I don’t like missing a meal during the day because it leads me to eat something on the run so I just grab nuts or something like that so when dinner comes around I am starving. I need to plan better for days like today. Speaking of planning ahead it makes life so much easier when we already know what we are having for our meals and when the day gets a bit hectic we can just run in the frig and grab what we need to eat. Normally I try to to do a menu on Sunday and prepare a few things pack it in the frig labeled date and what it is. Take the time and plan your meals so during the week when you are running around with the kids or just work ran late you can just grab what is already prepared and heat it up just add a salad and side veggie and your set.
My friends I am going to wrap this up so I enjoy a cup of tea and the quiet of the rain before I head up to bed.
Remember to take time for you sit and listen to the rain or lay out under a sky full of stars reflect on your day, life or situation, let go of those negative things that weigh you down and make room for happiness. Life is too short to waist it on unnecessary nonsense. Until tomorrow my friends remember to say Thank You tonight before you go to bed and Thank you in the morning for giving you a fresh new start!! Stay focused, stay healthy and stay in peace. Night!!

About culinaryfusion

Certified Health Coach, Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner a real Foodie at heart, Menu planners, Kitchen Counselor, Gluten Free,Bringing families back to the kitchen table one recipe at a time. Health Coach guiding clients with a gentle hand to reach optimum health, fast safe and simple.
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