Goat vs Cow’s Milk

More and more in my work day most clients that I work with are dairy free along with being gluten free this leads them they feeling cursed. Not only do they have to give up wonderful tasting breads, sweats, cakes they have to give up dairy. That means milk ice-cream, whipped cream, cheese etc. Yes there are many alternatives soy milk, rice milk, almond milk and so on and son. But in all actuality they are the same. So I try to explain to my clients that they really don’t have to miss out on the gluten and dairy because gluten free has come a long way and we have Goats milk….. Goats milk they ask yes Goats milk. This has lead me to share with you how you can enjoy that glass of milk a great hunk of cheese again and yes even a milk shake!!
So here we go Goat vs Cow’s milk: Did you know that Goats milk has less allergenic then cows; so most that are allergic to cow’s milk can digest it better then cow’s milk. Why you ask? Because most that allergic to cow’s milk have an allergy to the protein which is known by most as (Alpha S1) Casein. Most of us have heard of Casein; but weren’t too sure what it was. Casein is the protein found in both cows and goats milks; though cow’s milk levels of Casein is 4x greater then goats. So findings show that small children that are allergic to cow’s milk 93% of them could digest goat’s milk without any side effects.
Why is goats milk is easy to digest due to having smaller fat globules ( these are integral cellular fat in cells) with higher levels of medium chain fatty acids: what this means is that during digestion each fat globule along with an amino acid makes it faster and easier ton the digest due to surface to volume ratio. Cow’s milk has larger fat globules which results in the proteins to clump up in the stomach which form firmer bolus (curd) in which makes it harder to digest.
Goat’s milk naturally homogenized as to cows has to be processed. How is this done? Well they send it through high pressured tube which destroys the fat globule cell wall so that allows the milk and cream to stay together so the milk solids don’t separate from the skim milk on the grocery store. This natural separation happens because cow’s milk contains a compound called agglutinin. Whereas Goats milk has smaller fat globules and does not contain agglutinin so it naturally keeps the milk and the cream together.
Most whom are lactose intolerant can tolerate goat’s milk. What is lactose? That is when one can’t digest lactose which is the milk sugars. Why? Because they are deficient of the enzyme lactase which is used to digest lactose. Goats milk has less lactose then cow’s milk not by much; but enough that it is able to be completely absorbed so there is nothing left over in the stomach to cause the painful effects. I know this is a lot to take in but the good part of all this is coming I promise.
So in the end goats milk by far out ways cow’s milk in ways that those whom are either allergic to the milk protein Casein also known as (CMA) or lactose intolerance can find goats milk easier to digest, less allergenic, naturally homogenized and lactose intolerant tolerable.
This does not mean that one whom suffers from CMA or lactose intolerance can go out and ingest all the goats’ milk product they would like. I am saying that studies show that goats milk is easiear for one to digest so it is safe to say you can add some of the these products back into your diet slowly making sure you fall into the 93%. Now you can feel better knowing you don’t have to eliminate dairy completely because MILK DOES THE BODY GOOD!! Goats Milk that is!! So go out and enjoy dairy again!!
One of my favorite brands is Montcheve, they offer a great verity of goats cheeses; naturally flavored Chevre’, a semi soft washed rind “Darsonval” Soft brie, Camembert, goat blue, and goat Feta. Check your local Whole Foods or grocery store for Goats Cheese, milk and yogurt.

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