Ready Set Go! 6 Steps in Reaching Your Health Goals

Are you ready to become the best you? Do you have some health goals you want to reach?   I have six steps that I  follow to reach my health goals.  Are you ready to join me?  I will be right here for you; If you have menu planning questions, or dietary restrictions and need help with what you can eat and how to prepare the meals ask away that is what we are here for.

Step 1 ~ Set Goals ~  this is BIG we all set goals for the New Year and by the 3rd or 4th day we are done with it because it was WAY to Overwhelming,  so set 30 day Goals if that is too far out how about 2 week goals.  What works for you is what is going to keep you on track.  I get myself a calender and fill in my goals for the 30 days (or 2 weeks) and every night before I go to bed I put a big Red X through that day as I continue to cross the days off the more excited I get because I am getting that much closer to reaching my goals.

Step 2 ~PLAN A MENU~ My clients get tired of hearing me say this but it is so true! We need to have a plan so it is easier to stick to it and build your shopping list around your menu. I do this on Sunday mornings for my family while I read the paper and build my week and my children eat what I make so we will all be reaching our goals at the same time.  We lead by example we eat healthy so will our Children 🙂

Step 3 ~ Journal what you eat!!  When you eat it  write it down; this way  you follow your eating patterns so you can see what works and what doesn’t. DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP IF YOU MESS UP JUST MOVE ON FROM THERE!  WE ALL SCREW UP FROM TIME TO TIME!

Step 4~ When to say When~ Portion control is so important!  I eat my meals on a dessert plate, when I finish my meal I am finished no seconds not one more bite my plate is clean and I am done. Make sure you plan your meals with Protein (be it of animal or plant) Veggies and lots of them  and a complex Carb ( black rice, Farro)(Barley, wheat berries If you can eat Wheat)

Step 5~ Get Moving!!!!  Move it to lose it!  We all have MP3 players or I-pods even our smart phones are equipped with radio, dance around the house while folding laundry or cleaning, get up and  workout at every commercial break while watching your favorite show, 3 min commercial 10x is 30 mins. You don’t need a gym membership this is all free, take a walk outside breathe in the fresh air it does the body good!! Make sure you move for at least 30 mins,  Come on Get your Groove On!!

Step 6~Have a workout buddy or sign up for a weight support group to keep you on track, I still need a kick in the butt to get me moving due to my busy schedule, My phone has an app (Driod) that I use called Cardio Trainer the alarm goes off to remind me to get moving,  I can ignore it but then the guilt sets in so I am better off just doing it and I feel so much better when I have finished.  This app you can set your times when you want to work out so work around your work and family schedule. is another great site to help keep you on track.

Ok so here’s a Challenge for you;  wear your pedometer and try to reach 10,000 steps per day, I make it a game, I am so competitive that I want to beat my steps  from the day before so I park far away from the store or building I have to go in my kids don’t care for it much being it’s cold out but hey it is what is.

So are you up for it?  Come on let’s do this together!

About culinaryfusion

Certified Health Coach, Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner a real Foodie at heart, Menu planners, Kitchen Counselor, Gluten Free,Bringing families back to the kitchen table one recipe at a time. Health Coach guiding clients with a gentle hand to reach optimum health, fast safe and simple.
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2 Responses to Ready Set Go! 6 Steps in Reaching Your Health Goals

  1. Great article Marina! Setting a plan on how to reach your goals is so critical. And the steps you outline can work both at home and on the road when traveling as well!! You can even plan your travels/vacations while keeping your health goals in mind.

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